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WIN $10,000!

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WIN $10,000!

Have you heard?!

We're the major sponsor of the all new CLONCURRY FASHIONS SERIES 2021!

Find the T&C's below, it's going to be an amazing year at the Cloncurry Races Ladies!

“2021 Cloncurry Fashions Series”

General Competition Rules:

 Open to ladies 18 years and over only

 To Qualify for the “2021 Cloncurry Fashions Series” Final - You must be a Winner or Runner-Up in the

“Lady of the Track” category only, at one of the five (5) race days held in Cloncurry in 2021 (dates

published), this includes Derby Day. A maximum of twenty (20) entrants at each race day competition

will be selected from the field by the judges on the day, there will only be one Winner and one

Runner-Up who will qualify to enter the final from that event. You are not able to nominate yourself.

Qualifying events only include:

o 20 March 2021 – Meet & Greet (Tropical Theme)

o 29 May 2021 – Winter Races

o 11 September 2021 – Spring Races (date TBC)

o 08 October 2021 – Cloncurry Cup TAB live (date TBC)

o 30 October 2021 – Derby Day (date TBC) (Black & white theme)

 Finalists – A maximum of ten (10) finalists only will be selected to enter the “2021 Cloncurry Fashions

Series” final to be held as the last event on Derby Day 2021. These finalists will be the official Winners

and Runners-Up in the ‘Lady of the Track’ category only, from the five (5) qualifying race days

throughout the year (including Derby Day).

 Absence - If you are not present at the final on Derby Day you will forfeit your entry.

 Dress code - The “2021 Cloncurry Fashions Series” final on Derby Day will be strictly black and white

attire. Do not repeat your winning outfit from previous race days. The eight winners from the first

four (4) race days will need to prepare another outfit for the final.

 Venue - The event will take place at the Cloncurry Race Club trackside on the stage after the regular

Derby Day FOTF competition.

 Finalists – Will receive a lapel pin on Derby Day to signify that they are a finalist in the “2021 Cloncurry

Fashions Series”. This excludes you from selection in the regular FOTF competition on Derby Day.

The Derby Day Winner and Runner-Up will join the other eight ladies in the final at the end of the day.

 Entry places limited - If you are a winner of the ‘Lady of the Track’ category at any of the first four

race meetings you are not excluded from entering again on another race day, except on Derby Day.

Winning two ‘Lady of the Track’ categories on separate race days will not entitle you to two entries.

Entry is strictly limited to one (1) per finalist.

 Expenses - All costs incurred by finalists for travel, accommodation, incidentals, track entry and attire

to attend the final will be at the entrant’s expense.

 Judging Criteria – Judges of the “2021 Cloncurry Fashions Series” will prioritize:

o Style & Originality of outfit

o Deportment and grooming

o Attention to detail

o Sophisticated Millinery appropriate for the season

o Overall synchronicity of your entire outfit

o Favour will not be given to either Contemporary or Classic style


Cloncurry & District Race Club – “2021 Cloncurry Fashions Series” Competition Rules

 Disqualification – The Cloncurry & District Race Club reserves the right to disqualify. Drunken,

disorderly, or disparaging behaviour displayed by finalists at the racetrack or online will result in

immediate disqualification.

 Selection of Judges - Judges will be selected to represent a wide cross-section of racing fashion

knowledge and experience. Judges will be representative of the stakeholders in both our competition

and community. Complaints will not be accepted.

 Respectful behaviour - All contestants are expected to display good sportsmanship. The FOTF

Committee is there to assist and encourage your participation, we will not tolerate any disrespectful

or negative attitudes or comments towards our team, other entrants, the judges or committee

members of the Cloncurry & District Race Club. All race club committee members, helpers, and judges

give their time, skills and energy voluntarily to deliver these events for your enjoyment.

 Enjoy the Day - Most importantly we want all finalists to have fun and enjoy the day, help us to

promote country racing and the Cloncurry district.

 Prizes - Are not exchangeable or transferable and remain the property of the Winner.

 The judges’ decisions are final, complaints will not be considered, and no correspondence will be

entered into.

 Committee members, staff and immediate family of the judges and sponsors are most welcome to


 By participating in this event you agree to allow the Cloncurry & District Race Club to share &

distribute images, videos and recordings for marketing and publicity purposes.

 The Cloncurry & District Race Club owns the copyright to all images, videos and recordings.

 The Cloncurry & District Race Club reserves the right to change and/or update the competition rules

throughout the duration of the competition.



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